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"BMB Data has taken a fresh approach to helping us understand our data access and decision support requirements. They have distinguished themselves by their ability to design and deploy a solution that has delivered real business value."CIO, Federal Government Department

Information Architecture

BMB Data conducted an assessment of the requirements associated with the Management Resources and Results Structure and developed a detailed data architecture. This enabled the integration and support of data from various corporate and program management systems, as well as the reporting of it both internally and externally. This architecture continues to provide the basis for the development of various performance reporting systems in the department.

This work also extended into the development of an enterprise-wide view of INAC’s data - addressing the 25 major and over 200 minor corporate and program management systems. This architecture will support the department’s eventual adoption of Service Oriented Architecture, and will provide the foundational archicture for the department’s key corporate Master Data.


  • Development of an Enterprise Data Architecture
  • Development of a detailed data architecture to support MRRS reporting requirements
  • Strategy for future systems integration based on SOA

Foundation for initiating Master Data Management