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"BMB Data has literally taken Project Management to the next level. With their help, we have created a state of the art Portfolio Management Office and are able to track our opportunities all the way thru to project outcomes. We are spending more time on higher value projects than ever before."CIO, Federal Government Department



MyVPMO - Out-of-the-Cloud Software and Services Offering

MyVPMO is an "Out-of-the-Cloud" offering comprised of a software solution, a management framework and project management services.

Software Solution: MyVPMO

Next-Gen Project & Portfolio Management

MyVPMO is a cloud software solution for project and portfolio management (PPM) that is powered by Innotas, a leading cloud software company. MyVPMO delivers critical management visibility, governance, project controls and benefits realization seamlessly integrated within a single tool. MyVPMO dramatically reduces the design, configuration and implementation time frames associated with a typical PPM solution from months to days. MyVPMO redefines Software as a Service (SaaS) into a Next-Gen Project & Portfolio Management Solution and a Service.

Management Framework: PMO2™ (Portfolio Management - Opportunities to Outcomes)

Breakthrough Management Decision Framework

MyVPMO is based on a revolutionary management decision framework called PMO2™ (Portfolio Management - Opportunities to Outcomes). PMO2™ is a framework that spans the entire lifecycle of an initiative, i.e. opportunity, proposal, project, solution and outcomes. Organizations realize immediate benefits by leveraging a management framework without the complex and time consuming effort required to define and deploy their own project and portfolio management processes. We have taken the guess work and complexity out by directly embedding PMO2™ into the MyVPMO solution. Once initiatives and opportunities are loaded into MyVPMO, users can obtain immediate visibility and act on all aspects of their initiatives and projects. MyVPMO, powered by PMO2™, changes the playing field for PPM tools by embedding a breakthrough management decision framework as a launch pad to activate and deploy the solution.

Project Management Services: The Virtual Project Manager (VPM) Network

Project Management Support From The Cloud

MyVPMO is complemented by an industry-leading service and support network of skilled and on-demand project managers called VPM's. Using VPM services, organizations gain access to a group of industry knowledgeable project managers who help to derive maximum value from their MyVPMO solution. VPM's are assigned at the beginning of an engagement, and become on-demand project management support agents who assist in all aspects of solution implementation and deployment. VPM's are accessed on a remote basis and are deployed quickly and efficiently when needed. The VPM project management network is your conduit into cost effective and on-demand project management expertise right out of the cloud.