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"BMB Data has literally taken Project Management to the next level. With their help, we have created a state of the art Portfolio Management Office and are able to track our opportunities all the way thru to project outcomes. We are spending more time on higher value projects than ever before."CIO, Federal Government Department
Associated Projects

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Solutions

At BMB Data, we help organizations to define and enable enterprise information delivery solutions using Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. Our solutions are enabled by a deep understanding of what information goals your organization has and the types of insights it wants to gain from its data sources. Our experts help to define a strategy and roadmap to get the right data to enable analysis and decision making. We deliver end to end solutions from requirements definition through development, deployment, and post-implementation support. We choose the appropriate tools, implement the right solutions, and ensure that clients successfully unlock the value hidden in their data. Most importantly, we deliver valuable insights that help you drive your business into the future. The most successful business intelligence initiatives are those that demonstrate tangible links to business goals and needed information. BMB Data has developed a proven methodology consisting of facilitated workshops, technical assessments, tool evaluations, and an incremental roadmap that helps chart a course for short-term and long-term business intelligence projects.

  1. Maturity assessments and visioning – understand where your organization is today and develop a strategy and road map to deliver DW & BI solutions.
  2. Requirements analysis and business needs analysis – Develop a deep understanding of business need and requirements analysis required for a successful DW or BI solution.
  3. Data/Info analysis and modelling – Develop a profile and model of your information assets. Enables the design of DW & BI solutions.
  4. Data/Info architecture design – Develop a logical and physical architectural design of the DW & BI solution.
  5. Solution design and prototyping – Develop a working prototype of the final solution for testing and fit.
  6. Solution development and deployment – Develop the final solution intended for deployment to users.
  7. Implementation and support – Implement the developed solution and provide on-going support to users.