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"Innovative, facilitative, efficient - The partners at BMB Data have the kind of experience and expertise that have allowed my Department to modernize its approach in managing data - particularly timely financial data - that actually is used on a regular basis by the Senior Management Committee in the decision making process. Their inclusive approach brings the various teams together in a manner that creates an energy focussed on solutions and results."CFO, Federal Government Department


Mr. Carl Drodge, CMC, PMOC, is a partner with BMB Data who built a professional consulting organization to answer the critical need for better access to decision support data. His background in information systems design and implementation as well as financial management applications and project management have enabled BMB Data to develop a several industry leading solutions. Today, BMB Data has become recognized as a pioneer in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Project Management Offices and Results Based Management solutions.

BMB Data has the depth and breadth of leadership to deliver solutions for the most demanding data access business requirements.