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ETL Designer/Developer

Design and develop appropriate data extraction, transformation and load routines to move data from the source systems into the data warehouse environment and from the data warehouse into the data marts;

Work closely with the source system extract designers/developers to coordinate the source system data extraction processes;

Monitor and troubleshoot problems with ETL environment and/or jobs;

Work closely with the data warehouse and data marts modellers and administrators to coordinate the data warehouse to data marts ETL processes;

Identify opportunities for data quality improvement;

Develop and maintain job schedules

Perform debugging and resolution of complex issues

Provide knowledge transfer to employee

Identify the need for appropriate data verification and validation tools with the EDW environment; and

Other related ETL Design and Development Services.


Minimum Requirements:

The ETL Designer/Developer shall possess a minimum of five (5) years related experience in applying various strategies, approaches and technologies for ETL processes in a EDW environment, including experience with ETL tools and relational databases, and data verification and validation techniques, methods and tools.