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Data Quality Analyst

  • Review organizational IT policy, standards and procedures and providing advice on their adequacy;
  • Conduct reviews of solutions and components under development by reviewing project documentation, conducting interviews, and assessing work completed, and, based on findings, report on compliance with policy, standards and procedures; and, progress against plans;
  • Conduct reviews of solutions and components recently implemented and reporting:

- benefits actually achieved versus projected benefits,

- features actually delivered versus stated requirements,

- the adequacy of controls and security features,

- user satisfaction based on surveys or interviews, and,

- performance and reliability;

  • Review solutions and components that have been in production status for some time and reporting on issues and deficiencies; and
  • Other related Data Quality Analysis Services.


Minimum Requirements:


The Data Quality Analyst shall possess a minimum of five (5) years related experience in providing Data Quality Analysis services in a data warehousing and business intelligence environment.